Things Not to Do with a Truck ULV Sprayer: Safety Measures

Earlier disinfection was a task of great effort, which involved diesel fuel mixed with a water or oil based insecticide solution. This gives rise to a dense fog which was useful in reducing the amount of harmful insects and crawlers like mosquitoes. Fog was usually applied by a truck, which would cover an entire area, which left an unpleasant odor with increased risk for environmental hazards.

Today things have changed with technology as new advancements have paved the way for easy and effective applications of insecticides. High-tech and lightweight fogging machines are being developed to integrate the uses for pest control of crops, houses and industries. One of these innovations is truck mounted ULV sprayer

image description
Truck Mounted ULV Sprayer – Model : LR-4P 

These machines dispense fine mist of concentrated solution via a mounted ULV or Ultra-Low-Volume Foggers. These foggers have attained wide fame of popularity due to their convenient usage and reasonable pricing. These come in several designs and shapes, depending on the area and mode of application. These equipment cover broader spaces and are easily available, which don’t demand frequent maintenance as well; but, there are certainly some do’s and dont’s for every machinery. Here is a list of few important safety measures or rare facts that should be taken into consideration if you are using a truck mounted ULV sprayer.

Avoid Open Flames- Although new foggers are designed to be less reactive to fire hazards, care should to be taken to avoid unnecessary dangers. Insecticides do contain sharp ingredients and can result to danger incident when around flames or electricity. To avoid any fatal events always avoid keeping around your foggers with flames.

Follow Recommendations- Never ever dare to put more amount of concentrated liquid than mentioned in the usage catalogue or recommendations. This could be more dangerous than you think.

Do not Waste the Solution by Applying it to a Smaller Area than Recommended- Wasting a can full of valuable insecticides is a complete waste. Targeting at comparably smaller places can go waste. Solution may escape without any effect from hidden spaces. So, it is recommended to use it in large spaces where the effect could be applicable and come in use.

Avoid Low Crawl Spaces and Attics- Foggers tend to soak the areas above,so the application won’t be of any use if it’s placed at a lower surface. While doing so, be sure to position it appropriately to avoid any unexpected mess and exposure.

Never Miss the Safety Precautions- Never say no to that boring piece of manual or usage instructions, these foggers aren’t funny gumball machines. You need to be careful and informed with its application and storage. You should never start without reading the safety instructions properly.

These are the few unsung things that no manufacturer or seller will tell you, yet these minor but important info can save you time and money. Be safe and do not mishandle the product as efficiency comes from careful consideration and proper applications of facts and theories.

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